Friday, 21 January 2011

Gardening folly

Preparations for Shannon's wedding and the following Open Garden are gathering momentum. The big job was always going to be the completion of the stream between the tow new ponds. We've gathered river stones and pebbles and a new load of crusher dust for the concrete. Finally, in the midst of new toilets and wall washing, Ram and I got the chance to dig out the trench and the line it with plastic and trench mesh.

The digging was challenging. It was a rather warm day and I ended up with Japanese headband under my Japanese straw hat and Ramon wore his Bedouin headdress with great aplomb! We toiled and dug through solid clay and the remains of an old french drain. It was a real Time Team exercise for me as I wielded the trowel and removed a multitude of rocks and old plastic pea seed fertiliser bags which covered the drain. Finally we were finished, the plastic laid and the trench mesh cut up with bolt cutters and meted out. Today was going to be the BIG DAY for mixing and laying.

And today it rained ... and the power failed for several hours!

They say tomorrow will be fine!