Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The pear tree

The pear tree is gone!!

This iconic tree which graced the small paddock known as the Old Yard, has been destroyed by the new broom which has likewise swept away the cherry trees which grew on the rocky bank nearby. It's rather hard to believe that the tree which had outlasted many Badcocks including Drew's father, has been uprooted by the cousin who is relentlessly modernising what used to be the back part of our farm.

I'll always associate this tree with Tara who has used its image as a symbol in those wonderful photos taken by Alan of Photobat.
The soil has been ripped up and Drew found some more shards from the Old Yard's former history.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Mothers Day

Last year it was Quamby Bluff but Drew decided that we should go further afield this year and we tried for the Walls of Jerusalem (Have X-Trail, will travel). So with Fer and Ant and Ant's parents, Cynthia and John, we set off at a well prepared and steady pace.

It's probably 18 years since I last did the walk and there have been a few changes since. The first ascent up to the trappers hut is the same but where we once took a gentle path up the valley floor, we now had to climb up and over a rocky spur before we reached Solomons Jewels - the series of glacial tarns that bespangle the plateau before you reach the Walls themselves. Still, it was worth the climb. The Jewels are glorious, the reflections superb and the fringing pencil pines magnificent. We lunched at one of the last tarns but decided that we did not have enough daylight to reach Herod's gates. John had carried up 2 little fuel stoves so there was soup and tea or coffee to go with our sandwiches and the sparkling burgundy with which we toasted the occasion.

We turned and walked back and the mist started to rise up from the valleys but it was only the track that was any problem. It's quite stony and rugged and the steep downhill sections can be excruciating on the knees. However, we made it safely down and had enough time and daylight for refreshments before the trip home.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

But she was beautiful!

Well, Agfest has come and gone and Big Del was finished in time and shipped off to take her place. She didn't win any of the prizes but she was beautiful and one of the more eye-catching cows on display. She was runner up in the People's Choice award but that was scooped by Hagley Farm school who reportedly sent 8 classes to Agfest, all armed with the prepared voting slips for their cow, Pic-cow-so.

However, most people loved Del and every time I went past her, she was being stroked, examined or generally interacted with. My favourite sight was towards closing time when I saw two weary farmers with elbows resting on her head, discussing the days finds. I wished I'd gotten that photo!

C'est la vie!