Monday, 14 April 2008

Holy cow!

The next school project is the painting of Del, the lifesize fibreglass cow, which has to be completed before judging at Agfest in May.

She's a beautiful beast, with soulful brown eyes and anatomical details absolutely correct. One suspects that the original cast was taken from a real cow. She won't of course, continue to look so beautiful. She's got to be artistically adorned and thus will descend into the Andy Warhol halucinatory lifestyle and will become host to a rotary dairy and other sundry attractions. But the first step has been taken and I have a whole day tomorrow to take her a step further and break the back of the project, so to speak!

Saturday, 12 April 2008

New arrivals

We have the sweetest baby guinea pigs and they're all girls. Andy and his children called in to visit and the piglets were the main attraction. They were carried all over the garden and by evening they were quite tame and very tired! There are four of them and two are the most delectable shade of silver. The other two are brown like their mother.

And here are the proud parents, The Stig and Easter Bunny.